Board of Directors

Horace Luke

Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board
In 2011 Horace founded Gogoro with a vision for leveraging innovation to introduce sustainable energy and transportation to the masses across the world’s most congested cities. As CEO and Chairman, he is responsible for the company’s vision, strategy, products, global operations, and guiding board initiatives. Previously, Horace was the Chief Innovation Officer at HTC, where he led all product strategy and innovation. Prior to that, he worked at Microsoft, where he led product ideation and brand creation for the original Xbox and drove brand and user experience innovation across several of Microsoft’s leading products and services. He began his career at Nike where he played a key role in the development of many of Nike’s most iconic brands and experiences.

Mike Splinter

Chairman, Nasdaq • Independent Board Member, TSMC • Former CEO, Applied Materials
Mr. Splinter brings extensive technology and leadership experience to the Gogoro board where he’s served since 2018. Today he also serves as Chairman of Nasdaq and is an independent Director for TSMC and Kioxia. He is also a General Partner and Co-Founder of WISC Partners investment group. For over a decade he served as the CEO, and later Chairman of Applied Materials. Prior to that he spent more than 20 years at Intel in a variety of executive leadership roles including Executive Vice President of worldwide sales and operations, and General Manager of technology and manufacturing. He holds Master's Degree, as well as an honorary Ph.D. In Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin.

Yoshihiko Yamada

Former VP, Tesla Gigafactory • Former EVP, Board Member, Panasonic
Mr. Yamada has been a Gogoro board member since 2019 and brings extensive global leadership experience in diverse businesses and industries in both emerging and mature markets. He’s widely recognized as a pioneering leader and visionary in electric vehicle and smart city development. As Vice President of Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada, he led the development of its revolutionary battery production capabilities. Before that, he served as Executive Vice President, and later a board member at Panasonic, where he was instrumental in leading the development of Panasonic’s disruptive strategic businesses including its battery storage, solar power, smart technology, and its world-leading electric vehicle batteries. He was also responsible for establishing the company’s strategic partnerships with Tesla, Gogoro, and others, and helped forge Panasonic’s partnership with Tesla in the Gigafactory. Mr. Yamada holds a degree in economics from Keio University.

Hui Ming Cheng

Former CFO, HTC • Former CFO, Taiwan Mobile
Mr. Cheng has served as a Gogoro board member since 2013, where he’s helped guide Gogoro through its early formation and financing. He is a lauded Taiwan executive, widely recognized for his role as CFO of HTC in leading the company’s growth from hardware ODM to one of the most valuable mobile brands in the world. At HTC, Mr. Cheng made significant contributions including enhancing the company’s accounting and operational structure that garnered support and recognition from HTC’s institutional investors. Prior to that, Mr. Cheng served as CFO of Taiwan Mobile and Vice President of Finance at Winbond. In 2002, he was honored as ‘the Best CFO in Taiwan.’ Mr. Cheng holds an MBA from Indiana University, a graduate degree from the University of California, and an undergraduate degree from National Taiwan University.

Chung-Yao Yin

Vice-Chairman, Nan Shan Life Insurance
Mr. Yin joined the Gogoro board in 2022, having served Board Director roles within Gogoro subsidiaries since 2019. His comprehensive experience with Gogoro helps ensure strategic, operational and corporate governance continuity. He serves as Vice Chairman of Nan Shan Life Insurance, as well holding board positions within Ruentex Industries and several of its subsidiary companies. Notably Mr. Yin sits on the board of the Tang Prize Foundation, established by Dr. Samuel Yin, to support international pioneers in sustainable development, biopharmaceutical science, and the humanities.