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Date: January 25, 2022


Interview with Squawk Box Asia, CNBC

January 21, 2022

Interview Transcript


Interview Debriefing


Gogoro Co-Founder and CEO, Horace Luke, Interview with Squawk Box Asia, CNBC with Sri Jegarajah and Martin Soong


Date of Interview: Friday, 21 January 2022

Interview Time:11:27 clip of the live interview

Spokesperson: Horace Luke, Co-Founder and CEO, Gogoro




Interview Transcript:


Sri: Let's bring in Horace Luke now, CEO of Gogoro who joins us from Taipei. Horace, great to see you there. Do you have any further clarity on the roadmap for when that listing could happen, and there’s never a perfect time to go public is there? And of course, you're playing the long game, but how concerned are you about market conditions, especially as they apply to technology?


Horace: Well. Thanks, guys, for having me on again. It has been a super week, just like you guys said, a great way to continue the decade of sustainability tech and electrification mobility. Early this week we announced that we upsized our PIPE, as you said, from already oversubscribed


$257 million to now $285 million, adding Hero Motorcorp and impact investment firm Engine No.1 to our already great set of investors coming into our company. Last September, we announced that we were adding Foxconn and Gojek's mother company GoTo, so great team up of great set of folks, getting ready for making big impact this decade. Hero, of course you know, needs no introduction, they are the world's largest two-wheeler maker, and we’re just so proud to have them on board as well as Engine No.1, a really well-known impact investment firm that has done a lot work with Exxon Mobil, as well as General Motors to help them focus on sustainability and electromobility, and we are excited about what they can provide on strategic guidance and environment impact as we drive, like you said, into a decade, where we are on the long haul to look at the impact that sustainability can have on economic factors as well as on the world. We are still on track for Q1 listing, late Q1. We are doing great work and we feel like we have a very solid combination coming up with our partner POEMA Global.





Sri: Horace, have you got a line on the market conditions as they do apply to technology, especially given this meltdown that we have seen in Netflix and Peloton. I know they are very different business lines, but what make do you make of the market conditions and listing in this kind of environment?


Horace: You know, I think in any market, you know, the business with good solid fundamentals, will shine above the people that don't. For three decades I have been working on technology and mainly around the past three decades, on really around computing technology, from smartphones to Xbox to a number of devices that change the way we interact with the world and communicate and improve our productivity. But moving forward in the next decade I think the main topic of conversation is gonna be around sustainability and sustainable technology and electric mobility, so you know we are excited, we are getting a lot buzz, investors knocking on our door, wanting to join up, and we have a lot of discussions. For example later today you see will some announcements that involve a number of organizations both public and private, who work to, you know all of us to work towards the electrification in Indonesia. This afternoon's announcement complements the pilot we kicked off with GoJek back in December with their Electrum company, which is a JV and EV company that was established in Jakarta, and combination of these agreements, ongoing projects mean now we are ready to take on the world's third-largest two-wheeler market with our technology that has been proven and that has been working really well here in Taiwan. So, we had a great 2021, we came out of 2021 beating our own estimates in volume, in market share, in revenue, projection that we put on the table, despite almost a three months lockdown, here in Taiwan, due to late COVID upswell. We are aiming for a big 2022.


Martin: Sounds very positive Horace. Listen, I want to ask you a timing question, you are talking about your IPO via SPAC, going at the end in Q1 this year, that is just around the corner. You know this is I guess hopefully for you guys can be a nice big exit, right, but you are still in a growth phase are you not as a company, and with the NASDAQ now even deeper into correction territory, and if this continues, you’ve got to wonder about timing because people are going to be, investors are going to be making a very very sharp distinction between tech that’s profitable and tech that is still profitless. Where does that leave Gogoro?


Horace: Well, if you look at where we are today, I think you know the first word is, you mentioned exit, as you see, us listing is an enabler for us to actually light up all these markets we are talking about. We just lit up China, in Hangzhou ahead of schedule and we lit up Wuxi ahead of schedule, Kunming is now coming up in the next month or so, we have seen a couple more cities in China getting ready for a early summer, kind of a season of two-wheelers, that we are bringing the technology to market on, and so as you look at kind of where we are, we see as a great opportunity for us to operate at the level and have access to resources that they would take for us to go big and we see this as a beginning of something great, rather than an exit to us. It's really an enabler for us to do what we need to do. You know, new partnership launching, new vehicle launching and continued development of our technology beyond mobility so we are going to be super busy and super excited about listing on the Nasdaq.


Martin: When are you going to be profitable?


Horace: You know, the growth, we will focus on growth, if you look at our network business today, we are operating at about a mid 40% when it comes to EBITDA margin, we see this business going to 60% EBITDA margin, it's really about a subscribers based business, super sticky, super, you know, similar to, a lot of large companies that have subscribers, but what is unique about Gogoro is we have a very sticky core. As you look at the last year in 2021, we have almost a quarter of a year where people could not go outside in Taiwan because of COVID. Our revenue numbers from the subscription business has not dropped it all, and as you now look at, now we are lighting up, as we were just talked about, with YAMAHA, yet another vehicle, now we are talking about ten different vehicle makers, totaling up about 19 product lines, and 42 models, so lots of choices for customers. Think us as really the Android of EV, bringing subscribers onto our network that is due to be very profitable once we build the scale that we are looking for.





Sri: Horace, two questions, how would you characterize the competitive environment in battery swapping technology? Do you have the first-mover advantage and if we are talking about scaling the business in the long term, given the right innovation framework and over time, could battery swapping technology work for electric vehicles, work for cars?


Horace: Well, as we look at our competitors' landscape, first of all, we are really focused on urban mobility, densely populated cities, where millions of people are living on top of each other and using two-wheelers and three-wheelers. So, last year we launched two three-wheelers with our partners. This is in addition to all the two-wheelers we offer today with our partners, but as you look at the landscape and I think we definitely have a first-mover advantage, we started back in 2011 before everybody even talked about even battery swapping, nevertheless, even electric two-wheelers, so, through the last decade we have a lot of lessons learned. We have built a tremendous moat around technology, around partnership and around you know just operational know how and tools we developed for the system, after several years in Taiwan where we proved the technology we pilot today. This is when we are taking in kind of copy and paste, copy and paste to other markets. And it's obvious with a lot large-scale partners we been working with, like Hero MotorCorp, the world's number 1 gasoline two-wheeler maker, Yadea, we worked within China that is the world's largest electric two-wheeler makers and Dachangjiang, Haojue, China's largest two-wheel ICE vehicle maker, as well as now GoTo and Gojek, the largest technology companies in Indonesia. So, the No.1 market, No.2 market, and No.3 market in the world with No.1, No.2 and No.3 players in the world. So, players like that have a lot of choices and they do their due diligence and we are very proud to be able to partner with people like that, because ultimately it tells investors that we’ve got our technology right. We’ve got our business model right. It is not trial and error, once you put your infrastructure in, you put your infrastructure in, and that’s a long long long term investment, and in a place like Taiwan, where we just started back in 2015, this year, by the end of this year, we will have more stations located than gas stations, making it super convenient for our customers. This last quarter, last December, we saw the largest number out of Taipei, battery swapping vehicles using Gogoro technology, accounted for 28% of all vehicles sold. So, without any restrictions on ICE vehicle running around in the city, we are seeing customers voting with their pocket, and voting with their choice of vehicle they going chose for the next decade and these vehicles, once you buy it, you own it for ten years or more. So that creates a steady business for Gogoro and with great solid business fundamentals coming out Taiwan, we bring that to Hangzhou, we bring that to the rest of China, as well as with India later this year, and of course later today, you will see some announcements around Indonesia. So just a really really super busy year for Gogoro.


Martin: Can you tell us the Indonesian news right now?


Horace: It's a partnership across four different, five different companies, both in the privately held company as well as companies that have a public interest in, this is an MOU that we will announce, that we are going to work together all the way from energy cells to battery packs to electric vehicles, to battery swapping. So, it is a massive MOU that involves a market that we see huge market opportunities in. And that’s just the start of Southeast Asia.


Martin: You leave us hanging but OK we will wait to see what you actually announce and leave it with national names on the deal. Horace great to talk to you. Appreciate the time. Best of luck, keep safe. Do it again soon. Horace Luke, CEO Gogoro.





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